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SEO & Standards

Standards on the internet are increasingly formalised, and with accessibility legislation in force in the UK, your website needs to be inclusive. An advantage to using a standards based approach in creating your website is that it is far more likely to be search engine friendly than otherwise, and Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) can then be applied to your pages. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most highly sought after skills on the web, and can easily consume as many resources as the initial construction of your website.

SEO comprises the careful consideration of exactly what content you place on your website, and most particularly the phrasing you use ( to reflect your search terms ) and the formatting ( using headings, page titles, link names etc ). The fact that search engines will rank websites higher if they are regularly updated with new content means that having a plan for the addition of content is imperative.

SEO campaigns will normally run for months at a time, and will include assessment of your competitors' websites and SEO strategies. You will also want to look at how your website is linked to from other websites, as one of the key measures of page relevance to a search term is the perceived value of the page containing it.

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