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Dedicated Virtual Servers - From £18 per month

Unbeatable Infrastructure

Our servers are housed in a new datacenter, with state-of-the-art redundant systems, backup generators, multiple connections to the Internet backbone, and more.

Top-Notch Engineering

Hostzone's IT staff has decades of combined experience engineering Internet systems, and have been providing Internet services since the birth of the commercial Internet.

Tons of Bandwidth

All of our dedicated server packages include very generous amounts of bandwidth -- you get between100 and 1000 GB of transfer where other companies only give you 20 or 30. We never limit or throttle back your server's Internet connection, allowing unlimited burstable 100Mbps connections so you can take advantage of the true speed of our network.

Screaming Fast Network

Hostzone's tier 1 network is unparalleled in the dedicated hosting industry. Our facility sits on Level 3's gigabit ring, and we have an WilTel OC-3 that also peers at our partner We also have Worldcom OC-48 fiber termination equipment in our facility, through which we get bandwidth from UUNet, arguably the world's #1 Internet backbone. Hostzone does not use Cogent or other low-quality discount bandwidth providers, giving you the fastest connectivity possible.

Unique, Superior Technology

Hostzone provides supporting technology that our competitors don't match. Every server is assigned a private VLAN network (8 IPs, 4 useable). We are also installing remote reboot power cycling hardware, which will soon be available on every server free of charge.

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